mazoe river development project

victus pilot project - green Sustainable development partnership pilot project - MAZOE

Phase 2. Modular Container Trading Outposts

As containers filled with necessary goods arrive at our outpost, empty shipping containers form the basis for modular growth within the area.

Shipping Containers are Packed With Urgently Required Goods From Abroad...

First, Victus partners load containers abroad with items required urgently within a destination outpost point.  Maize grinding mills are key to the establishment of a Victus Outpost.

A grinding mill which runs on a bio-diesel generator transforms an empty shipping container into a trade and commerce centre.

Residents can come have their maize milled, and sell / barter / exchange at the post.  

Handicrafts | clothing | footwear | tools | food | animals | geological finds | accessories | furniture | hardware | housewares | books | medicines | vehicles | building supplies | 

Are exchanged with and among residents in order to stimulate the economy on a macro level.   

As goods are distributed, members may purchase shares in the cooperative venture. Dividends are paid to cooperative members, who enjoy the benefit of sharing inclusively the collective benefits of trading at the outpost.  Members decide what the outpost orders in, and as ever more containers arrive and become available, so too does the cooperative grow.

Containers Arrive & Outpost Trading Points are Established

As goods are traded and distributed, the cooperative decides which goods to import - and which to export - based on sustainable growth, and the prudent management of domestic requirements.